Privacy & Policy

At Varah Healthcare, we are committed to the health and the well-being of every household by ensuring safe and healthy products.

We aim to achieve this by,

·       Fostering a quality mindset with the objective of supplying high-quality products, packages and services consistently that are trusted and preferred by all or customers and consumers.

·        Constantly striving to understand and meet the ever-growing needs of customers and consumers.

·        Applying innovative practices and state of the art technology to enhance productivity and quality at competitive prices.

·        Operating and continuously improving product safety across the manufacturing cycle through process improvements and technology upgradation.

·        (CCP’s) Identifying critical control points and establishing a control procedure to produce the product from physical, chemical and microbiological contamination during any stage of processing.

·        Establishing procedures to identify and recall products at any stage of the supply chain.

·        Empowering our people for maintaining vibrant quality environments through education, training coaching, and effective communication.

·        Complying with all applicable national and international regulations & legislations.